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Get in control of your space...

Get in control of your space...

Say goodbye to flutter echo, excessive ambience and standing waves. Stellar Acoustics Absorption Panels are the perfect solution for acoustically treating any space.
They have been designed and crafted specifically for industry standard recording studios using the highest quality materials. Our absorption panels are highly efficient at reducing unwanted resonances, neutralising frequency response and giving your room a professional appearance.

Just like hanging a picture...

Just like hanging a picture...

Weighing only 4.5kg, our absorption panel can be hung on the wall just like a picture. Each panel is fitted with a sawtooth frame hanger allowing you to use whichever wall fixing best suits your situation.

Mount Like Mic..

If you're unable to mount directly onto your walls don't panic! All Stellar Absorption Panels are capable of mounting effortlessly onto any microphone stand turning any room into a professional recording space or isolation booth.

The (Very) Broadband Absorber


The most commonly made mistake when it comes to acoustic treatment is the choice of absorption material. Absorption solutions such as acoustic foam (and even most types of fibreglass) have potential to absorb sound within only a narrow band of frequencies resulting in an unnatural, “boxy” sounding environment. As a result, these products can accentuate existing issues whilst creating more.

Due to the unique high-density, rigid glasswool product at the core of the Stellar Acoustics Absorption Panel, sound waves are absorbed over a wide spectrum of frequencies resolving acoustic issues without creating new ones.